Simple & Elegant Silver Oval Locket

£129.99 Inc. VAT

Beautiful and elegant the Simple and Elegant Silver Oval Locket will bond you together forever. The pockets are deep, designed to hold hair, tiny flowers, a note, or photographs.

The pendant may be worn or displayed in a glass dome.


Product Details:

Locket Dimensions: – (cm) 3.6L x 2W x 0.6D

A professional jeweller from start to finish carefully handcrafts the Simple & Elegant Silver Oval Locket. Our jewellers create each locket one at a time with the highest level of precision and details possible.

Every locket has a story to tell or a secret held tightly behind the door. A locket may contact symbols of history, happiness and reminiscences, memories of the past and hopes for the future.

Customers can purchase Silver Oval Locket for the perfect Birthday, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christening, new baby, Christmas memorial gift or for just about any occasion.

You could place a lock of hair, a picture, or almost anything you like and engrave with initials or words meaningful to you. The Simple & Elegant Silver Oval Locket may be worn close to your heart or displayed in a glass dome.


Optional Engraving:

• Customers can choose to engrave a pattern, small message, a name or a date on the locket.
• Please note, with engraving it will come with additional cost and time, please email or call us at 0800 0646683 for more details.



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