Diamonds From Ashes

Diamonds from ashes, a way to embrace your loved one’s memory day by day.

Algordanza Memorial Diamond is a certified, high-quality diamond created from the carbon of a loved one as a memorial to their unique life. We provide families with a more individualized and personalized approach to memorializing their loved ones.No additives are used nor the colour manipulated during or after the growing phase of the diamond to keep ashes as unadulterated as possible.

The idea to isolate carbon from human cremation ashes and create from this carbon source a Memorial Diamond arose in 2003. The creation of synthetic diamonds from industrial carbon sources has been possible since the 1960s.

By virtue of the complexity of extraction of pure carbon and the diamond synthesis, a year of investigation about acceptance and technical possibilities followed the idea. In 2004, the company ALGORDANZA was founded.

Our specialists developed the procedure through intense research and processes. Natural diamonds emerge under enormous pressure and high temperatures inside of the earth. In order to enable a diamond synthesis, these conditions have to be created likewise.

HPHT-Technology (High Pressure/High Temperature)

Our diamond synthesis equipment are really powerful machines. Their potential is fully demanded for the creation of Memorial Diamonds. They have the ability to generate a pressure of 60’000 bar and temperatures of 1400° Celsius. This procedure is called high-pressure-high-temperature-onecrystal-synthesis.

The technology was developed in soviet research centres. On the basis of this technology we have advanced the technology and brought it to a maturity phase. It became apparent that, because of our geographical location, we were able to draw from existing technology’s development networks.

Through research cooperation with considerable universities in Europe, we have advanced, and will continually advance, the method of the diamond synthesis. Our goal is to extend the most state-of-the-art production site for synthetic diamonds in Switzerland.

We are proud of the outcome of our long-time research work: Our own HPHT-machine prototype – it promises shorter growth times of our Memorial Diamonds.

International Presences

ALGORDANZA is working internationally in over 30 countries. ALGORDANZA INTERNATIONAL is counting over 70 members. We work closely with funeral homes all over the world. In Germany alone, over 2’000 funeral homes are classed as our partner.

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