Gold Bee, Wheat, & Stone Charm Necklace

£35.99 Inc. VAT

The Gold Bee, Wheat, & Stone Charm Necklace can be worn on its own or layered up with other necklaces to make a fashion statement. It would make a truly beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas or any special occasion.

Throughout history, Bee’s have symbolised love, fertility, mysticism, secret wisdom and productivity. In nature, bee’s are also seen as master healers, it is said the sound frequency of bee’s buzzing, is incredibly healing, helping to clear space and energy. Some studies have shown that Buddhist Monks often chant in the same sound frequency. Bee medicine also reminds us to extract the honey of life while the sun shines, encouraging us to be more productive, use our time wisely and ultimately fulfil our dreams. The sacred bee is also symbolic of achieving the impossible.


Gold Bee, Wheat, & Stone Charm Necklace

A professional jeweller from start to finish carefully handcrafts the Gold Bee, Wheat, & Stone Charm Necklace. Our jewellers create each necklace one at a time with the highest level of precision and details possible.

• Gold Bee, Wheat, & Stone Charm Necklace
• Chain Length: approx. 58cm plus 8cm as adjustable
• Gift box with a small jewellery dust bag
• Gift Card