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7 Ways “Good Feelings Jewellery” Can Improve Your Life

While it’s no secret that jewellery is beautiful and easy to admire, body ornaments are more than just spectacles. Great jewellery evokes a powerful, deep-rooted sense of happiness in us all. We call these accessories “good feelings jewellery.”

Here are 7 ways good feelings jewellery can improve the quality of your life

1. Good feelings jewellery allows you to express yourself

In the words of John Mayer, “Your Body is a Wonderland.” He’s absolutely correct. Your body is a beautiful piece of paradise and you should relish in that sentiment every day.
But what’s better than paradise? A paradise filled with bling! Good feelings jewellery can become an extension of your body and soul.

Self-expression is a natural human yearning. So satisfy your yearning by wearing pieces of jewellery that express your mood. If you’re feeling sentimental and gracious, wear a simple heart-shaped pendant necklace. Feeling large and in charge? Wear some gold studded earrings and a bold chain necklace.

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Whatever you do, wear good feelings jewellery that makes sense to you and you will feel amazing.

2. Good Feelings Jewellery is Magnetizing

Since the beginning of time, people were drawn to the allure of exquisite precious stones. The magnetizing effect of precious stones and jewellery pieces is contagious. When you wear good feelings jewellery, you emanate magnetism and draw others closer.

3. Good feelings jewellery helps you to feel closer to nature

Let’s face it – most of what you wear and consume is made of highly processed material and ingredients.

It’s easy to become enveloped in your hectic, modern lives and become far removed from the natural, holistic elements of the earth. The serenity of nature has calming effects. Wearing good feelings jewellery with natural stones and elements can help you feel Zen and one with the earth.

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4. Good Feelings Jewellery feels good to the touch

Wearing the right piece of jewellery is comforting and feels amazing. Imagine sunbathing on the beach on a hot summer day. A gust of wind breezes through your necklace and long, dangling feather earrings. The metal and feathers caress your skin ever so gently. Doesn’t that feel nice?

5. Good feelings jewellery can help you remember the good times

Have you ever opened up your jewellery box and found something that was gifted to you by someone you love? A flood of delightful memories probably filled your head immediately.

You cherish that item, not because of its retail value, but because the triggered memories hold a special place in your heart.

One of the best feelings in the world is to love and be loved. With gifted jewellery, memories of good times are bound to happen.

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6. Good feelings jewellery gives you the power to transform any outfit

If you’ve ever grown tired of your usual apparel, wearing different jewellery can help lift you out of that funk. With different pieces and pairings of jewellery, you can dress up the same outfit to achieve a multitude of looks.

Imagine you’re wearing fitted jeans and a loose button-up blouse. To achieve a sophisticated look, pair your outfit with a classic set of pearl earrings and necklace.

For a casual but fun appearance, leave the top couple buttons of your blouse undone and put on a low-hanging fringe necklace, jewel-studded earrings, and some stacking sterling silver rings.

Wear a drop necklace and ear cuffs for a dramatic and bold look. Ear Cuffs are all the rage. Learn more about them here.

Pairing different jewellery with the same outfit can help you achieve different looks and save you the time and money of expanding your wardrobe.

7. Good Feelings Jewelry Bonds You to Others

Good feelings jewellery is a great conversation starter because there is a story behind every piece. If you wear jewellery, you’re bound to receive compliments at some point. The next time someone compliments you, tell her the story behind the piece of jewellery.

Maybe you have an interesting story about its origin, or about the journey it took you to purchase it, or about the special person who gifted it to you. Whatever the story is, you’ve made an instant connection with another person when you begin to tell it.

As you can see, there are many benefits to wearing jewellery. Good feelings jewellery is great for the soul because it brings happiness to your life and ultimately happiness is what it is all about 🙂

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