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How To Layer Necklaces



Gold Layered Seashell Necklace worn by a model
Gold Layered Seashell Necklace


When it comes to necklaces the latest trend is to layer them up to create your own unique personal statement that makes you feel great and look even better! Why wear one when you can look amazing with 3 or 4!

Follow these techniques on how to layer necklaces and before you know if you’ll be layering like a pro!

1. Pick A Centerpiece.

Start with the main piece as the foundation to layer necklaces with style. A pendant though stunning when worn by itself, can be taken up a few notches when you add layers. A simple pendant is a great place to start, whether it’s a single stone, silver or gold pendant.

Gold Bumblebee Necklace

2. Choose Complementing Chains.

While your chains don’t need to match, you should choose one theme. So, perhaps you’ll stick to one style of chain but mix your metals which is also a big trend right now. Or, you’ll choose all gold chains but incorporate different styles and textures.

Gold Magdalene Medal and Cross Vintage Layered Necklace
Cute beaded gold coloured chains make this necklace a strong fashion statement.


3. Mix Lengths

Begin your necklace layering style by picking a few pieces that vary in length. The shorter style such as the Gold Pineapple Necklace goes lovely with Gold Bar Necklace With Engraved Message worn by Meghan Markle.

Gold Bar Necklace With Engraved Message picture of Meghan
A modern design with a timeless sense of style.

4. Personalized layered necklaces for a truly unique style

These types of necklaces are also great to be given as a present to a friend, partner or family member. This way you know you have made your gift very special and memorable for you both. Show your love for those who matter to you most. Engrave your message for who or what means most to you in life and wear your necklace as a constant reminder. Both sides of the bar are available for engraving. Maximum 14 characters on each side.

gold and silver Heart & Blank Bar for Personalization Two Layer Necklace


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