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MEMORIAL DIAMONDS – Diamonds Made From Hair

Diamonds have long been valued for their beauty, strength and longevity. A diamond engagement ring represents a promise of marriage. A diamond anniversary celebrates 60 years of togetherness. A Memorial Diamond honours the life of a deceased loved one and provides an everlasting memorial keepsake. While the process to create diamonds from cremated remains has been available to families for over a decade, London based, Algordanza UK, who offers Swiss-based H.Q. Algordanza Memorial Diamonds in the UK, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product offering. As of July 1, 2018, these beautiful Memorial Diamonds will now be offered made from hair as well, introducing what was previously a cremation-only option to burial families. Swiss-based Algordanza, a worldwide manufacturer of Memorial Diamonds, uses a high-heat, high-pressure process to transform carbon extracted from the hair into a high-grade certified diamond. Once the process is completed – in five to eight months – the diamond can be set in a piece of jewellery or kept in its display box. The options are virtually endless.

In addition to diamonds made from hair Algordanza also offer ‘Origin Diamonds’ In cases where not enough cremated remains or hair of the deceased person are available, a second Carbon source can be added such as personal letters, diaries or pictures. As hair is almost 50 per cent carbon, it also contains the core material necessary to create a one-of-a-kind diamond keepsake. In addition to allowing burial families to have the option of purchasing a Memorial Diamond, this new service offering also appeals to families who may have shied away from the procedure due to religious beliefs. A lot of funeral directors are really excited about the new option. It basically means that every family who walks through the door is a potential client for a Memorial Diamond. Today, Algordanza creates three types of Memorial Diamonds: Algordanza PURE – diamonds from cremated remains; Algordanza ORIGIN – diamonds which have two carbon sources (cremated remains, plus hair or an alternate carbon source); and Algordanza HAIR – diamonds solely created from hair. The hair can be collected after a viewing or even when the person is still alive. Some people, such as cancer patients, have even pre-planned for the diamond or kept hair collected while going through chemotherapy. Only 5 grams of hair is needed (think a small sandwich bag) which can be head or body hair. It can also be co-mingled with other hair sources such as from a spouse or grandchildren – again not stepping on the toes of beliefs that do not condone the intermingling or dividing of cremated remains.

Algordanza Diamond Casket
Algordanza Diamond Casket

Whether choosing to use cremated remains or hair, the end result is a beautiful heirloom diamond. As Algordanza does not alter the carbon source material, the diamonds usually have a blue tinge depending on the amount of boron present, a naturally occurring substance within the carbon. Since opening shop in 2004, the popularity of the diamonds offered by Algordanza continues to grow. Some families, concerned about shipping the remains or the diamond, have made the journey directly to Switzerland and are often keen to visit. “Our company is very transparent and if you want to see the process, we are 100 per cent for that,” says Kevin Foy, MD of Algordanza UK. “We’ve had families drop off the ashes and we have had families pick up the diamonds. In fact, the presentation of the diamond in Switzerland is a rather formal white-glove affair. Moreover, Kevin says the family never has to worry about their emotional or financial investment. “When the order is placed, a unique serial number is created that carries through the entire process – basically it is tagged on every beaker and test tube, then it is eventually laser-etched into the girdle of the diamond. Lastly, the finished diamond is fully insured on its journey home.” Diamonds have long been a valued symbol of love. With the introduction of Algordanza HAIR, what was once only a cremation option is now available to burial families too, making Memorial Diamonds a universal option for all and also for celebrations such as engagements or the birth of a baby.

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